Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It felt like a Kubrick movie...

To me, it didn't feel futuristic. It felt like a Kubrick movie: an old-fashioned vision of the future. I used to imagine us playing in Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

F.C.JUDD Tape Recording for Everyone

I had the very good fortune to find this wonderful book by Electronic Music pioneer F.C.JUDD (1914–1992). at a recent car boot sale. This book really is fantastic with chapters on Musique Concrete and Electronic Music, Tape Splicing and Effects and all sorts of other goodies. The adverts towards the back of the book are superb, so I have included a selection of them as well. It was def worth going out on that soggy stormy and very windy Sunday (despite what others thought)