Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some things don't change. Which Magazine 1976

Rising fuel bills. Unemployment. Uncertainty over pensions................2012??................NO. 1976. Funny how after 36 years somethings just have not changed. 
On a slightly lighter note. Anorak or Parka? I had a Snorkel Coat. Blue with furry hood and bright orange lineing. The bright Orange lining went to a dirty orange and then a strange Orange Brown after sometime. I did also have a Purple Parka (PURPLE PARKA!!!!) The laughter as I entered the playground still haunts me to this day. Purple Parka.......The Horror The Horror.


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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone. Music for Children

Just a quick heads up for anyone that missed Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone last Friday. This programme featured Music for Children. If thats not interesting enough, then this should convince you all. S M plays a rather wonderful tune which was a collaboration between Julie Andrews and Moondog. Pop over to The Freakier Zone, only 4 days left to listen.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Aesthetic?

OK. I'm putting this out there as a theory ... let's have some controversy.

This whole "New Aesthetic" that has people so excited is just Hauntology for kids who were born in the 80s. Different references (8-bit video-games, pixelated graphics, hip-hop) but same phenomenon.

Here's the video

Unidentified Found Object

Encountered on a stroll through local woodland, in an area that used to be notorious for fly-tipping. It was not uncommon to see the rusting hulks of broken washing machines, tattered arm-chairs and other such unwanted items of household furniture here, but now all that remains are these tiny fragments that the council's clean-up crews missed. 

So what was this thing? Presumably part of some domestic electronic item. My best guess is that it is the clunky channel-changing push-button unit from a pre-remote control colour television of the 1970s. I'm pretty sure we had something quite similar attached to ours back then. I always wondered why we had four buttons when there were only three channels to choose from. 

Actually, you can just about make out the buttons in this old photo...

Any better suggestions...?